Answers to Frequently Asked Questions!

1. When did you first start writing the comic strip "Snake Tales"? 
The comic strip originally started in 1974, but at that time it was called "The Old Timer" and had many of the characters in it that you see today. 

2. Where did the idea come from? 
In 1975 I had an idea for a one off snake joke for the comic strip and created "Snake" for that, however the response was so good, I created some more "Snake" jokes and the readers could'nt get enough of them. He was flooded with fan mail, calls of support and even once when he didn't appear one day, phone calls jammed the switchboard at The Herald-sun in Melbourne. Snake had taken over as the main character, so in 1978 I changed the name of the comic strip to "Snake Tales". 

3. Are you a writer or were you trained as an artist? 
I started my career in Advertising and then developed a Graphic Design Studio with two other partners, we created commercial art for various companies but I was always working on and selling cartoons.

4. You obviously need a sense of humour, how would you describe yourself? 
I guess I'm a Loony, you have to be if you intend to work in this business, someone who has never really grown up. My own personal humour is a little on the sick side.....a bit like "South Park".
5. How do you continually think up the different story lines for "Snake"? 
The story lines are the most difficult part of this job, I am thinking about it 24 hours a day, even when I'm sleeping. I listen to everything, read as much as possible and try to find something funny in almost everything and there usually is....but it drives me crazy!!! 

6. Do you write other comics? 
Yes, I also draw "The Ludicrous Life of Lennie the Loser" which is a semi-autobiographical pantomime(no words) cartoon that I started in the early 70's. It is based on my experiences as a young man when I arrived in Melbourne from the country at the age of 16. I also created a gangster comic strip called "Fingers and Foes" The Little League of Disorganised Crime that I sold in The United States of America. 

7. Do you like real snakes? 
Only if they are covered in fluff and stuffed with foam!! 

8. Do you work from home, or do you have an office? 
In Tasmania I have a studio at home but not attached to the house, that is important otherwise you feel like you're at work all the time, which you are anyway...pretty stupid statement really!!!!

9. Do you think that people find "Snake" more humorous because of his negative outlook on life? 
"Snake" is a winner because he is a loser, people love losers, they laugh when someone else falls over but they never laugh when it happens to themselves. "Snake" has only recently developed a negative outlook on life and that is a reflection of who "Snake" really is......the cartoonist!! Many of my friends (and I use that term loosely) can tell how I'm feeling and what I'm up to from just reading the comic strip, but most of the time "Snake" is a positive sort of character who just can't win......people like to get up in the morning and see someone else having a worse time than they are!! 

10. Do you put on your socks then shoes or one sock one shoe? 
I put on my shoes first and then my socks. 

11. Have you any advice for young people who may wish to try this skill? 
Yes...don't!!...this is one of the most difficult jobs to get into, there are more brain surgeons in Australia than full-time WORKING freelance comic strip cartoonists. The hours are lousy, the work is tough, the pay is awful and the deadlines are there every day seven days a week!.......but I love it!....see I told you I was a loony!! The most important skill you must have before you even consider this as a career, is the ability to think "funny" there are thousands of young people out there that can draw well, but only a handful, that can draw well and write funny!


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